++ news


  • 05-SEP-20:
    - had to close the discussion forum due to spammers

  • 03-APR-21:
    - again fixed the translation ...

  • 01-JUN-26:
    - Had to change to translation module again. Unfortunately I don't know any good linux translation package.
    - The problems with real-audio are fixed as well

  • 00-OCT-27:
    - Had to change to translation module again. It's up and running now...

  • 00-JUN-22:
    - Added german-french and french-german translation option.
    - Started the development of version 1.6, which will add voice speed and pitch modification
      See the development section, if you want to test it.
      Any bug reports and feature requests are welcome

  • 00-JUN-03:
    - Repaired the translation module, since the Babelfish page has a new layout.
    - Added a preprocessor for the german module, in order to improve the speaking of numbers etc.

  • 00-APR-14:
    - Version 1.4.2 adds support for the popular MP3 audio

  • 99-NOV-15:
    - Good News!
    The talking web won a prize at the "web 2000" contest by the austrian newspaper OÖ Nachrichten

  • 99-NOV-10:
    - Bad News!
    I received a letter by some attorneys of the german media company "Burda". They are telling me that they own the trade mark for "the talking web" since February 1999, and they want to force me to change the name of this webpage. I am running this page with this particular name since January 1998, gentlemen!

  • 99-OCT-01:
    - fixed some minor bugs, and released final version 1.4

  • 99-SEP-11:
    - big news!! version 1.4b is online.
      the talkingweb now supports translation from:
        * german to english, english to german
        * french to english, english to french
        * spanish to english, english to spanish
      This feature was realized by using the babelfish translation service.
    - added mexican male voice for the latin americans among us.

  • 99-SEP-10:
    - added a forum for general discussions,
      any postings and questions are welcome!

  • 99-AUG-11:
    - we moved to a new server: a dual celeron 415 with 256MB
      this significantly improved our performance, try it!

  • 99-JUN-28:
    - upgraded to newer versions of txt2pho (german) and mbrdico (american)
    - improved the british male quality by recompiling freephone
     and fixing a problem with the lexicon database

  • 99-JUN-19:
    - the talking web now works better with non mainstream browsers,
      mainly those without frame support, and even fine with lynx
    - corrected a small javascript bug

  • 99-JUN-01:
    - created two javascripts to check the audio plugins which are installed.
      unfortunately only netscape supports this feature.
    - script #1 checks if you have the RealAudio plugin installed, if not it simply doesn't provide that option to you.
    - script #2 checks if you have any audio plugin installed, if not the audio file is not embedded
      into the output window. You will have to click on the link to play the file.

  • 99-MAY-31:
    - added support for sun audio (*.au) for the unix users among us.

  • 99-MAY-29:
    - major uprade of the webpage, to provide more background information.

  • 99-MAY-28:
    - added dutch language support.
    - repaired us english language, which was broken after server upgrade.
      (nevertheless british male still produces better results)

  • 98-JAN-10:
    - the talking web v1.0 goes online