++ help


choosing the language:
The left menu allows you to choose the desired outpout language. At the moment there are six languages supported: german, british and american english, french, spanish and dutch. Be sure that the entered text fits this selection, otherwise the output will sound a bit weird.

choosing the audio type:
There are three common audio types to choose from the right menu:

  • It defaults to the real audio option, which assumes a real audio player installed on your system. If you have chosen this option without having an appropriate plugin the system will ask you to install it.
  • The second and third option send the output as M$ *.wav or Sun *.au file. Although this file is created a bit faster it will take longer than real audio to send it to you. You also may choose this option if you want to keep the resulting audio for further use.

translation module:
Since version 1.4 the talking web supports language translation too. This feature was realized by using the babelfish translation service. At the moment you can translate german, french and spanish into english and back.

  • check the "enable translation" checkbox for using the translation feature
  • if you do so you are asked to enter your text in the source language, and the voice automatically jumps to the desired target language. All other languages will be disabled.
  • when you uncheck the translation checkbox, you can freely choose the voice languages again.

additional information:

  • If you just want to listen again to the same output, don't process it again via the server.
    Just press the play button of the plugin.
  • You are invited to use this button to link to this page,
     in case you use some of the produced audio on your page.
  • Maybe anybody knows about additional TTP converters for one of the other languages supported by mbrola. Please let me know, maybe I can add the support for this language to the talking web.