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The Talking Web is a web based text to speech application by Martin Kaltenbrunner. These pages were developed while I was studying "Media Technology and Media Design" at the Hagenberg College of Engineering in Austria, Europe. The project is based on the freely available speech software mbrola and is running on a Linux server.

Basically the text you enter is sent to the server where so called TTP converters translate it into a common phoneme, exactly a diphone format processable by mbrola. Mbrola then uses a diphone database for each language to create a wav file, which is then sent back to your browser. Optionally the script can also convert this file to a real audio stream, which improves the performance for you (not for the server ;-), if you have installed a real audio player.

The Talking Web is freely usable for anybody. Using the wav file option also allows you to download the audio file for personal use. If you do so, you are invited to use this
to link to this page.

Have fun with it!